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Mission Statement, Aims and Values

Our school values are extremely important to us. These were developed with the children and in consultations with staff, parents/carers and the wider community. Have a look at our Values Characters below!


Our Mission Statement

Dreaming…Believing… Achieving…

Our Aims

F       Fostering responsible, self-disciplined, well-mannered pupils with positive, caring attitudes towards themselves, others and the environment.

O      Offering a stimulating, appropriate, progressive and balanced curriculum which promotes independence and meets the needs of each pupil.

R       Recognising and appreciating personal strengths and achievements.

T       Thriving environments where each child, parent and staff member feels happy, safe and supported.

H      High quality learning and teaching.

I        Inclusion, where everyone is treated with equity and we respect and care for each other.

L       Lifelong learning for all.

L       Links and effective partnerships between the school, its parent body, external agencies and the wider community.

Our Values


   Happiness                       Respect                        Honesty                         Responsibility         


Happy Helinda               Respectabella             Honest Oren               Responsible Rose


  Friendship                          Resilience                        Inclusion                          Fairness


      Friendly Ellie             Rocky Resilience            Including Meana               Fairasourus Rex

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